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How Often Should I Change My Oil?

The oil change service is arguably the most important preventative maintenance you can get on your vehicle. Ensuring that all of the parts inside your vehicle’s engine are well-lubricated, this keeps your vehicle running. Without it, you’d experience engine overheating, warping of integral components, and eventually engine failure. But all of that can be prevented with a simple keep up. Keep reading to learn more about the service, including how often to change my oil.


It begins with a vehicle inspection. We’ll check your tires, lights, and windshield wipers and make sure that all major systems are a go. Then we’ll drain the oil from your motor, take out the old filter, and replace them both. This service ensures that the new oil will be filtered through a clean oil filter and that the oil running through your engine is free of debris and other harmful material. Overall, the service is quick and painless.

How Often Should I Get an Oil Change?

The frequency depends on a few factors:

– How often and how long do you drive?
– What are the road conditions where you drive?
– What are the traffic conditions in which you drive?
– The needs of your vehicle
– San Diego weather conditions
– The quality of materials used during the service.

That’s a long list of factors! And that’s why so many of our customers come to us and ask about the best interval for an oil change. The best way to determine the interval is to check your owner’s manual. With a full maintenance schedule for your automobile, you’ll be prepared at your next maintenance visit. You’ll find other valuable information as well there, including the recommended oil to use during the oil change and the recommended oil filter. In San Diego, this service should be done every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. However, that number can vary depending on the mechanics of the vehicle. So your best bet is to check the owner’s manual for the correct interval. We are local in San Diego, CA 92128.

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