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Lexus Service and Repair

Lexus Service and Repair | Secors Auto

Secor’s Motors is an independent local Lexus service specialist in San Diego since 1979. All Lexus models exhibit a clean, stylish and classy look. They perform well, ride smoothly and can be depended on. Here are just a few of our services that we perform: 30k, 60k, 90k, 105k miles scheduled maintenances. Transmission fluid and filter replacement, brake repairs, lexus brake pads and ABS brake correction, oil change and safety inspections.

We are an independent shop for Lexus repair service shops located in San Diego just off of Rancho Bernardo Center Drive San Diego, CA 92128. There are many customers who rely on quality vehicles such as the ES330, ES350, RX330, RX350, GX470, LS430, LS460, IS and GS family and it’s the master mechanics that keep them running in top condition. Secors will treat with the servicing you have come to expect from a top rated facility.

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