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Timing Belts at 90,000 miles

timing-belt-replaceIf your vehicle is at least seven years old, or if you have 90,000 + miles on your car, you may be past due for a timing belt replacement. After so many miles or several years of usage, all belts are subject to dry rotting along with normal wear and tear. Replacing your belts in a timely matter is important. Shopping for your preventative belt replacement can be very tricky.

Several shops and dealerships will try to lure you in over the phone with a very low price for a t-belt job, then explain the extras after they get your timing covers off. Here at Secors Automotive we perform a complete timing belt job based on our vast experience.

For example, on a Honda Accord 4-cylinder, we replace the timing belt, balancer shaft belt, all outside drive belts, water pump, coolant, oil pump drive gasket, camshaft seal, balancer shaft seal and retainer. All these items get replaced because they can destroy your new timing belt if any of them fail after the belt is replaced, which we have seen happen too many times over the years.

Belt Kit Replacements

So, when price shopping, be sure to compare what you're actually paying for, and ask how long they warranty their work for. Please don't be fooled by those low prices. We have always felt our best customer is an educated consumer. Not all vehicles are equipped with a timing belt, please see your owner’s manual or contact one of our service representatives for details. Search terms: Timing Belt Replacement, timing belt repair, car timing belt, San Diego, CA

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