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Welcome to RB Smog Check, Rancho Bernardo, CA

Star Certified Smog Station

Smog Check in Rancho Bernardo

We all have the privilege of living in the great state of California. But with that privilege comes some responsibility. According to the state, each vehicle must go through a smog check every two years. That’s not so much to ask for when having the ability to cruise through California’s crisp air. We’re all about keeping the smog check in Rancho Bernardo painless and simple. We have state-of-the-art technology that allows us to identify what kind of emissions is producing. We are Star Certified and can do smogs on High Emitter & Directed Vehicles.

The smog check also acts as a type of service check. By knowing what kind of emissions each vehicle produces, we’re able to fix problems causing inefficiencies. This helps ensure safety and great performance. When you come to Rancho Bernardo to our garage for a smog check, think of it as more than a state-required inspection.

Located in Rancho Bernardo, our mechanics are adept at performing quick and thorough basic and enhanced smogs. They have one mission: get your vehicle running efficiently in a manner that passes state smog check inspection.

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